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Ce site est référencé sur l'Annuaire Chrétien Multilingue
Ce site est référencé sur
l' Annuaire Chrétien Multilingue

Sunday 02 October 2022



Welcome on the Site ""
the protesting chaplain G.GAMUZZA

  Christian or not, be welcomed

The Compassion is dedicated to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and to everyone who expresses love towards Jesus Christ.

True worshippers will feel at ease here, through simplified texts to make the Bible accessible to everybody...

Because it is written : "Happy the humble ones in spirit, because the kingdom of heaven is with them!"

Chaplains, Shepherds, Missionaries and webmasters intervene in so that His Word can reach the maximum of hearts, so that compassion survives, and that new ears listen to their fellows. And above all, that His Love grows in everyone.


Ce site est référencé sur le
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